Digital X-Rays

Going digital will benefit you:

  • SAFER: Reducing radiation by up to 90% compared to traditional film-based X-Rays.
  • HEALTHIER: eliminating the need to use caustic chemicals in the office.
  • FASTER: producing images that can be viewed immediately by you and your dentist. To make them even easier to see, we’ll enlarge them on a large monitor and lighten or darken them for best viewing.
  • BETTER: providing more diagnostic information that enables your dentists to identify problem areas earlier. Detecting a cavity sooner and smaller than before means we can fix it earlier, before it seriously weakens your tooth.
  • EASIER: with images stored on the computer that can be quickly duplicated for insurance company claims and other records.

Here’s how digital X-Rays at GreenLife Dental work.

  1. A small film, about the size of half a teabag, is placed into the patient’s mouth.
  2. An image pops up immediately on a nearby computer screen.
  3. You and your dentist look at the images on a large LCD monitor, in real time, and make decisions about your dental health.
  4. Images are then stored on our server for easy retrieval when needed.